Thank you for signing up for fiber optic service from Huxley Communications

Congratulations! You have signed up to receive fiber optic service to your home or business in Madrid.

(Just a friendly reminder, in order to fully complete your submission, and to be added to the pre-construction list, please make sure you have also submitted your $75.00 commitment fee to Huxley Communications.)

What to expect next?

Here are the 6 stages to this project.




We are currently on Stage #4 in Madrid. Huxley Communications will begin Stages # 5 & #6, once we have completed construction. Please make sure to ask your neighbors to sign up as well! Thank you for your patience as we work to bring fiber to Madrid!

For more information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking HERE.

If you have any additional questions or need immediate assistance, please contact us at 515-597-2281.