Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fiber Service


What is Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) from Huxley Communications?

Huxley Communications FTTH is a state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure that brings fiber optic service all the way to the home or business. It is the most current technology that is “future proof”, capable of delivering ultra-fast Internet connections and TV service.

What is the process to get FTTH to my house/neighborhood?

There are 6 phases to deploying FTTH in any community or neighborhood. These phases can take anywhere from a few months to a few years depending on the scope of the project.




The most critical phase for deployment is the sign-up phase. Following phase 1, after enough interest in shown for a particular neighborhood or community, we will start the sign up phase which is really a pre-registration phase to determine the level of commitment by a prospective fiber hood. During the sign up phase, we will attempt to notify every potential home and business to determine how many households are interested in our new fiber optic network, and are serious about taking advantage of our services. At that time, we will require a short form to be completed to grant us permission to bury the fiber optic service to your home or business.

What does it mean to sign up?

During the sign up or also called the pre-registration phase, we will attempt to contact every potential property owner in your area. This will determine how many households are interested in our new fiber optic network and are serious about taking advantage of our services.

At that time you will have the opportunity to sign-up for fiber optic service and be one of the first in your community to be ready for service.

By signing up, you are agreeing to allow Huxley Communications to install fiber optic equipment to your home or business.

This does not obligate you to ultimately become a customer nor subscribe to services.

Is this the first time Huxley Communications has offered FTTH?

We have been offering fiber optic service to central Iowa communities for nearly 20 years. In fact, we were the first company in the state of Iowa to deliver a fully operational FTTH network to a neighborhood in Huxley in the year 2000.

How does fiber optic from Huxley Communications benefit my community?

As with any utility, having the most reliable infrastructure provides more value to the community and its residents. Connecting your neighborhood with fiber brings big benefits. Having the option for increased capacity attracts businesses that require large amounts of bandwidth for their operations. This will also be the same case for residential customers. Customers are demanding higher amounts of bandwidth in their home as streaming services become more popular. This fiber investment prepares us all for what’s to come in the future.

What’s better … fiber optic, cable, DSL, or wireless?

Fiber optic delivers the fastest internet currently available; it is not shared and provides far greater speeds to enhance your experience. If you use the internet and can sign up for fiber optic service, you should! You will not be disappointed.

What services will I be able to subscribe to with Huxley Communications?

Once construction is complete, Huxley Communications will offer Internet, EpicTV, and phone service.

Specific information about our services can be found at

Is Huxley Communications over-building only particular areas of my neighborhood?

When there is enough initial interest, and then ultimately enough commitment from an area, we will move forward with construction to that fiberhood.  If you live in a rural area, the best thing you can do is visit our website, search for your address and submit your interest. Also, ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. The more interest an area receives, the higher likelihood we will expand to that area.

Once I get service from Huxley Communications, is there a contract to sign?

No contracts. No commitments. No ‘gimmick’ pricing.

Does Huxley Communications have any restrictions on its internet usage?

Huxley Communications does not impose data caps or restrict usage of the internet. We abide by and fully support net neutrality.