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Annual Meeting Review

After a two-year hiatus from in-person attendance, the annual meeting of Huxley Communications was held the evening of Thursday, March 24th. Around 75 people were present
including members, employees, and board members. Special mention was given to retiring board members Doug Schonhorst and Sharyn Erickson. We appreciate their many years
of service to the board. Three new board members were elected to each serve a four-year term. Jean Saveraid and John Murphy in District B and Kate-Brileigh Sears for District C.

Levi Bappe, General Manager of Huxley Communications,gave the financial report, which showed continued growth in the cooperative. This growth is primarily a result of our robust fiber network and the substantial addition of new internet subscribers over the last several years. Bappe also delivered the manager’s report, which focused greatly on new funding mechanisms that will allow for substantial network expansion over the next five years. In addition, Bappe officially announced the new Huxley Communications headquarters. The new facility, which will be located at the corner of Main Ave. and Campus Dr. in Huxley, will be completed in fall 2022. Bappe presented several images depicting the completed facility. The new headquarters is needed to allow for substantial growth and to improve operational efficiencies.

Current board president Brett Krogman gave the officer’s report, which highlighted the challenges the cooperative has faced over the last two years. He emphasized the limited effects the pandemic and the localized derecho weather event had on our network, citing that Huxley Communications experienced zero downtime related to either one of those significant events. He also highlighted the areas the cooperative has expanded to over the last couple years including the communities of Shipley/Sand Hill Trail, Madrid and northern Ankeny. Krogman also announced that due to the very strong financial position of the cooperative, the board was able to distribute over $500,000 back to the members in allocation checks for the year 2021. Those checks were available to members immediately following the adjournment of the meeting. All remaining checks were mailed out the last week of March.

Huxley Communications Cooperative credits the work of our board of directors, management, and employees for the incredibly successful past year. We appreciate the ability to continue to provide the best in telecommunications services to our existing members and customers, and look forward to serving more members in the years ahead as we continue to grow and expand.