Huxley Communications Cooperative is proud to be an integral part of the Ballard & North Polk communities in central Iowa, providing advanced telecommunications services to over 3000 cooperative members and customers. We serve the communities of Alleman, Cambridge, Elkhart, Huxley, Kelley, Luther, Sheldahl, and Slater.

Huxley Communications began providing local telephone service around the turn of the 20th century and since then has grown our menu of services to include fiber optic internet and SkitterTV service.

We continue to expand our service areas and will soon include the community of Madrid, areas of North Ankeny, and rural Ames.


1916 | Huxley Mutual Telephone Company was formed.

1933 | The building was bought where the switchboard was located and still is today!

1937 | Reorganized as a cooperative and renamed: Huxley Cooperative Telephone Company.

1956 | Board meeting voted to install the dial telephone system, eliminating the need for operators.

1972 | Larger equipment room was added, consolidating all machinery under one roof.

1976 | Purchased the Kelley Mutual Telephone Company, added 150 customers and raising the total to 1200 households served.

1978 | Tone dialing was added.

1980 | Business office was temporarily moved across the street for a raze and rebuild of the office building.

2001 | Changed name: Huxley Communications Cooperative reflecting wide range of communications services available.

2002 | Expands by offering all its services to the towns of Slater and Cambridge being one of the first telecommunications company in Iowa to install fiber-to-the-home technology.

2005 | Once again expands to offer all its services to the communities of White Oak and Elkhart by installing a state-of-the-art fiber optic network.

2008 | Completed a cable system upgrade to begin offering high definition service and digital video recording.

2011 | Began offering premium internet speeds becoming one of the first ISP’s in the country to deliver 100Mbps to a customer.

2016 | Partnered with SkitterTV to begin offering a 100% digital, IP based cable TV product.

2017 | Fiber to the home network is expanded to include all communities and service areas

2018 | Expands its fiber to the home service area by offering internet and SkitterTV to the communities of Alleman & Luther

2019 | Expands its fiber to the home service area by offering internet and SkitterTV to the community of Sheldahl.