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Looking for the Internet Plan That’s Just Right for You?

Like Goldilocks in the fairy tale — who tried to find the bowl of porridge,chair, and bed that were just right for her — you may be looking for the internet plan with speeds that are just right for your household. You don’t want a plan that’s too slow, which can cause frustrations such as buffering while streaming. And you don’t want one that’s too fast, since there’s no point in spending more per month than necessary. To figure out which internet plan will work best for you, start by reviewing these general industry guidelines:

• For only basic internet usage, such as checking email and web browsing, our Elite Plus package will be sufficient.

• Internet speeds in the 100–200 Mbps range are ideal for most households since they can handle common uses like streaming and video chat for 2–5 users at once. Consider our Advanced Plus or Premium Plus internet plans. These are our most popular and suffice for nearly every home.

• Some households may require internet speeds in the 300 Mbps — 1,000 Mbps range if the family is large and/or includes people who regularly work from home or are into competitive online gaming. Subscribing to our Ultra Plus internet service is perfect for a very active home. Ultra Plus also comes with Expert Wi-Fi, Experience IQ, and Protect IQ for no additional cost.

Your “Goldilocks” internet plan will be the one that provides everyone in your household with a good online experience while staying within your budget. Ask yourself these questions
to help determine your specific needs:

• How many devices in your home are typically connected to the internet and in use

• How often are family members watching movies and series on streaming services? Is
buffering a problem?

• Are there gamers in your household that have issues with reaction time and lags?

• Does anyone in your household regularly send large files for work, participate in video conferences, or use an online backup or cloud storage service?

• Do you hear complaints about your current internet plan from family members? Do speeds slow down when you also have guests using your network?

Once you’ve thought about these factors, call Huxley Communications at 515-597-2281. One of our Customer Care Representatives can help you choose the internet plan that’s just right for you. Tell them Goldilocks sent you.