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5 Signs Your Home May Need Faster Internet

Are you wondering whether or not your home needs an internet speed
upgrade? If you see these signs, the answer is probably “yes.”

1. You experience frequent buffering while streaming.
It’s not fun when your screen freezes and you’re stuck waiting while the endless circle goes around and around. Buffering is the result of an internet connection that isn’t fast enough and a sign you need more speed.

2. You’re planning to add more streaming subscriptions
.Does your family love streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video? Be aware that adding more streaming subscriptions (or additional streaming devices) can quickly bog down your internet connection, especially if you have multiple people streaming simultaneously.

3. You’re big on smart home devices.
If you’re a smart home fan, you need tomake sure your internet connection can support your smart speakers, smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, smart cameras,
smart appliances, and so on. Trying to get by with an inadequate internet connection is simply not smart.

4. Your home often has guests (who bring devices).
Whether it’s your children’s friends for sleepovers or your relatives for a week-long visit, it seems like everybody will want to use your WiFi as soon as they walk in the door. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, the “more” isn’t the “merrier” — it can cause internet slowdowns.

5. You work from home.
Bandwidth-intensive applications such as video conferences and screen-sharing collaborations demand a strong internet connection. Don’t risk looking unprofessional or wasting your colleagues’ time with frozen screens and choppy audio. Make sure your internet connection works well for work.

For help choosing the right internet speed for your home, call Huxley Communications at 515-597-2281. We’ll talk with you about your online requirements and provide details about our selection of internet plans. Make sure to ask about Blast Managed WiFi from Huxley Communications!