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Think Wi-Fi Troubleshooting is Too Much Trouble?

There are people out there who love the challenge of researching why their home’s Wi-Fi network isn’t working right and figuring out what needs to be done to solve the problem. If you’re not one of them, Managed Wi-Fi could be your easy alternative. Managed Wi-Fi is a service which takes the hassles of Wi-Fi troubleshooting (and more) off your hands in exchange for a small monthly fee of $5.

Once you sign up for Managed Wi-Fi, Huxley Communications will handle a variety of Wi-Fi tasks for you including:

• Installation of a latest generation Wi-Fi router
• Selection of the best router location in your home for optimal coverage and signal strength
• Setup of your Wi-Fi security password to avoid others using your Wi-Fi network without your permission
• Connection of your devices — such as laptops, tablets, phones, and printer — to the Wi-Fi network
• In-home troubleshooting should the Wi-Fi service stop working or function poorly
• Repair or replacement of the Wi-Fi router when needed

If you don’t have Managed Wi-Fi and need in-home help with a router you purchased on your own, you’ll have to pay the hourly fee for a service call by one of our technicians. This can get pricey if you end up with a series of Wi-Fi issues. It all comes down to this: Using your devices on a fast and reliable home Wi-Fi network is lots of fun. But doing the work of Wi-Fi setup and troubleshooting — not so much. Why not let somebody else handle Wi-Fi? If you’d like us to set up and maintain your home’s Wi-Fi network, call 515-597-2281 and ask about our Managed Wi-Fi service.