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Internet Speed Matters,But So Does Reliability

Discussions about what to consider when choosing an internet plan tend to focus on speed. That’s certainly understandable, given that the more the speed you have, the less time you’ll spend waiting for big files to load or video buffering to stop. However, the way families and businesses evaluate internet service is evolving beyond just speed to also include reliability.

You can think of it this way: Internet speed is like the speed limit of a highway versus the number of lanes and the likelihood of roadblocks. How valuable is the ability to travel quickly if there’s congestion and unreliable conditions that often hinder you from doing so?

For many businesses and homes, internet access is nearly as important as other utilities such as electricity, natural gas, and water. Having unreliable internet is stressful and counterproductive. If there’s downtime, businesses simply can’t operate in an efficient manner and productivity suffers. For families, unreliable internet can be an annoyance that occasionally prevents the enjoyment of streaming services and social media. For those who work from home, the consequences are more serious. It can severely limit the ability to complete projects and connect with colleagues.

You can rest assured that Huxley Communications makes internet reliability a high priority and proudly maintains an uptime of 99.999%. We’ve invested heavily in our fiber network, and we proactively monitor it to minimize service interruptions. Our network is also designed with redundant paths, meaning if a fiber optic cable is accidentally cut, internet traffic can often be rerouted to another path to continue working. The internet reliability you experience from Huxley Communications is further enhanced by the knowledgeable, professional support you receive from our local team of employees. Customer service goes hand-in-hand with reliability.

Should issues develop — after all, no technology is foolproof — our goal is to get you back up and running as soon as possible. For complete details about the reliable, fast, and affordable internet plans we offer, call 515-597-2281 or visit