***The Huxley Communications 2020 Annual Meeting has been cancelled. Members will receive official notification and further instructions via mail.****

The Annual Meeting of the Members of Huxley Communications Cooperative will be held at the Safe Room in Huxley, Iowa at 6:30pm on March 25, 2020 to take action upon the following matters:

1. The reports of the officers, directors and committees.
2.The election of one (1) director to be elected from District “A” Kelley Area and one (1) director to be elected from District “B” Huxley Area of the Cooperative for a term of four (4) years each
3. All other business which may legally come before the meeting or any adjournment or adjournments thereof.

In connection with the election of a Director scheduled for this meeting, the following members have been nominated for Director by the Committee on Nominations appointed by the Board of Directors of the Cooperative pursuant to the Bylaws:


FOUR YEAR TERM (One to be elected)

Richard Demuynck    Ryan Severson


FOUR YEAR TERM (One to be elected)

Ed Den Beste     Rich Balsley

You are urged to attend the meeting, hear the reports of the officers, vote for the directors and transact such other business as may come before this meeting.
DATED this 5th day of March 2020.

***2019 Allocation Checks will be available following the conclusion of the meeting.***