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General Manager Gary Clark to Retire at End of Year

Gary Clark has provided valuable insight, experience, and general leadership for Huxley Communications over the years, all key to the operation of the cooperative.

He started working for Huxley Communications as the CFO in 1997 after nearly 20 years as an auditor and consultant with Kiesling Associates. Gary became General Manager in 2010 after then longtime manager Bill Hotchkiss retired.

“The team of employees at Huxley Communications has a desire to provide all our customers with the best products and services we have available. I will greatly miss seeing all the employees and customers every day,” Gary said.

During his career at Huxley Communications, he had the opportunity to serve on various industry boards and committees and found those experiences very rewarding. He noted,“The experiences I gained by serving on committees within the Iowa Communications Alliance and Iowa Telecommunications Association helped me bring a great deal of insight to the leadership position here. I am happy the Board allowed me these accomplishments.”

Dramatic changes have taken place in the industry since Gary first began working in it — from the breakup of the Bell System of companies to the exponential growth of the internet. He said, “No one could have predicted this progression back in the early days of my career.” It has been increasingly difficult to find revenue sources as the industry becomes more and more competitive and deregulated. Gary added, “Through long-term consistent leadership, and an incredible Board of Directors in place, we as a company continue to grow and be successful. As my time with Huxley Communications comes to a close, I am very proud that the Cooperative remains as strong as ever,”

After retirement, Gary looks forward to traveling more and spending additional time with his wife Julie and their three children and four grandchildren. We wish Gary the best of luck on his new adventure!

 Please join us for an open house to celebrate Gary’s retirement on Friday, December 6 from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. at the Ballard Golf and Country Club in Huxley