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A Brief Discussion on Net Neutrality and Our Service Areas

With the highly publicized FCC rulings on Net Neutrality in December 2017, conversations regarding the topics of ‘freedom of the internet’ and ‘monopolistic control’ of telecommunications providers are happening frequently on national news outlets, social media platforms, and at the local level. Huxley Communications is fully aware of the implications of the recent repeal of Net Neutrality and what that could potentially mean for internet users both across the country and within our service areas. However, with this increased discussion, there is an opportunity for some misconceptions and untrue information to be assimilated among the public, and potentially even among customers of Huxley Communications and other local citizens.

Huxley Communications is a member-owned cooperative established in 1937 that provides telephone, internet, and Skitter TV services to the communities of Cambridge, Elkhart, Huxley, Kelley, and Slater.
We are also excited to be expanding our service areas to include the communities of Alleman and Luther with internet and SkitterTV services in 2018. It is a common misconception that Huxley Communications holds a monopoly in the areas we serve. That simply is not true.

Any entity or provider can expand into these communities. We have no bearing on whether any competing service provider of telephone, internet, or TV chooses to expand into any area. We also do not have control over individual property owners, multi-family dwellings such as apartment buildings, or private expansion areas including residential or commercial developments. Ultimately, Huxley Communications is not required to provide services anywhere. Nevertheless, we choose to provide services to as many homes and businesses within our areas as possible. Expansion and upgrades can be an expensive undertaking, but it is our mission to provide the best communication services possible to a growing number of customers.

Regardless of recent FCC rulings or any government legislation, we are committed to continuing to invest in our network to give our customers the internet speeds and capacity they need for the best online experience. We always welcome discussion regarding our products and services. If you have any questions or would like further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact or visit our local office in Huxley.