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Common Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them

Your home’s Wi-Fi network will undoubtedly hit a snag every now and then. But there’s no need to panic. Many common Wi-Fi problems can be easily fixed, so hang onto this article for future reference.

Slow Speeds
• Move your router to its ideal position. For the best signal and coverage, put your
router in an open space near the center of your home. The further away you are from
your router, the slower your speeds will be. Keep it away from thick walls made of brick
or concrete, and make sure it’s not around metal items, which can reflect Wi-Fi signals.
• Protect your Wi-Fi network. If someone nearby is leeching off your network, it can slow
down your internet speeds. Set up security for your Wi-Fi network that includes a password.
• Upgrade your internet plan. Your current internet plan may not be fast enough to
support all the users and devices in your home, regardless of how well placed and
secured your router may be. If so, you may need a speed upgrade.

No Connection
• Pull the plug. Periodically, something glitches and the router or modem (or combination)
just stop communicating. There isn’t always an explanation. It just happens. Try
disconnecting your router and modem from power, wait at least 30 seconds, then plug
them back in.
• Contact your ISP. If the above fix doesn’t work, it’s possible your internet service provider
is dealing with a system outage.

Wi-Fi Doesn’t Reach Certain Rooms
• Get a new router. If you’ve already positioned your router in the best location within
your home — described above — and are still experiencing poor signals in some areas,
you may need to buy or lease a more powerful router.
• Add a wireless signal extender. If your home is larger than about 3,000 square feet,
getting good Wi-Fi signal throughout can be a challenge. Multistory homes can also
be difficult if the router isn’t plugged into the broadband line somewhere on the middle
level. These situations may call for a wireless signal extender.

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