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How Technology is Helping Seniors Live Independently

Given the comforting familiarity and fond memories of home, it’s no surprise that home is where many seniors prefer to spend their golden years. Yet declines in physical abilities or cognitive function can make living alone an unsafe option. Thankfully, new technology is enabling more seniors to stay in their homes and age in place.
A growing number of affordable devices are now on the market to help seniors enjoy greater independence and give their families more peace of mind. They include:

• Smart Detection Devices – There are smart stove alarms to alert older adults to poten-tially dangerous situations in the kitchen and smart bath monitors to detect potential overflow issues and shut off water before the bathtub overfills.

• Smart Medication Reminders – Since seniors often take multiple medications, mak-ing sure the correct medication is taken at the correct time is a worrisome issue for many families. To address it, smart medication pillboxes offer audible or visual cues to prompt users to take their meds and can also send remote alerts to caregivers.

• Smart Doorbells – By providing a video picture of visitors, these devices help older adults decide whether or not to answer the door to a stranger.

• Smart Home Security Systems – These can be programmed to automatically lock doors, arm security systems, and alert homeowners and caregivers remotely if issues arise.

In addition, personal emergency response systems (PERS) provide seniors with a personal help button that’s worn around the neck or wrist. Even in cases where an individual is unable to push the button, these devices are designed to sense a fall and connect automatically to a response center. There are also mobile PERS devices with GPS satellite tracking ability to alert the family of a senior’s location. Other assistive devices include phones with large but-tons that are easy for stiff fingers to use, and curtains or blinds that can be operated with remote controls.

Smart devices which help seniors age in place add to the demands of a home’s internet connection. Contact Huxley Communications for more information on speeds and prices of our internet plans.