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Beginner’s Guide to Streaming Movies and TV Shows

If you haven’t yet jumped on the streaming bandwagon, this article is for you! It covers the basics to help you get started enjoying this entertainment technology.

What is streaming?
Streaming is content sent in com-pressed form in a continuous stream over the internet and played as it arrives. The user does not have to wait to download a file to play it.

What devices are needed?
You can watch streaming movies and TV shows on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, HDTV, or “smart TV.” For example, you could connect your laptop to
your HDTV with an HDMI cable and stream on your laptop and watch on the TV screen. If you have a “smart TV,” it has built-in apps (and app stores) and networking to get on the internet. You can use them to download most of the streaming apps you’d want.What streaming apps are available? You have many options here, too. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

• Netflix – You can watch past seasons of TV shows and recent movies at a low monthly cost. Netflix also offers original shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.
• Amazon– This streaming service is available to Amazon Prime members. Like Netflix, it offers many TV shows and movies to choose from as well as its own original content.
• Hulu Plus – You can get next-day access to shows from ABC, NBC, Fox, and CW, along with some cable channels. Hulu Plus also offers some movies and original TV shows.
• Vudu– Stream or download the latest movies & TV shows. Watch the same day as DVD release—or earlier. No subscriptions or late fees.

What are the internet requirements?
For a consistent streaming experience on multiple devices, you’ll probably want internet download speeds of 25 Mbps or more.
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Legally Download Movies, Music, and TV Shows

With so many options out there for accessing digital entertainment, it can be confusing to determine what’s legal and what’s not. However, it’s important to be informed so you stay within legal parameters and don’t engage in copyright infringement. As a start, review these guidelines:

• Watch for titles that are “too new to be true.” Movies that have yet to be released in theaters, or which are still out in the-aters, are not legally available online.

• Trust your eyes and ears. In many cases, the quality of illegal copies is inferior, with poor sound and can appear blurry or shaky.

• Be cautious when websites make offers that are “too good to be true.” Be wary of “free” content when searching for and purchasing downloads from unfamiliar sites; they typically indicate pirated product.   Look out for terms like “Unlimited Movie Downloads,” “100%legal,” and “Millions of Files Shared.”

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