Updated 6-22-2017:

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is now available to any customer of Huxley Communications. If your home or business has not been upgraded to this service, please contact us right away to schedule your free upgrade.

Fiber Overbuild Continues in Huxley and Kelley After a brief rest during the frigid winter months, our construction crews are now continuing work to overbuild and deploy fiber optics to 100% of our customers’ homes and businesses. Work within the city limits of Huxley is nearing 90% completion and the installation of mainline fiber and burying of individual drops began in Kelley this spring. We are converting homes over sections at a time or as needed to continue providing quality services. The goal is to have 100% of our customers, including rural customers, on fiber-optic service within the next two years. This is a massive construction project with many ‘moving parts.’ We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to provide our member customers with the best in telecommunications services. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at 515-597-2281.

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