Watch TV Everywhere

For EPIC TV and AbsoluteCableTV Customers

On the go, on any device! Watch TV Everywhere streams some of your favorite channels and programming — including live TV and full episodes of current TV shows — to your tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. And it works from anywhere you have an Internet signal: at the office, hotel, airport or vacation home, and everywhere else!

Plus, Watch TV Everywhere is FREE! You only need a subscription to the network you want to watch.

Before gaining access, you must register, so have your TV agreement number handy. Your TV agreement number is a unique 10 digit identifier located on your Huxley Communications monthly billing statement that begins with the numbers ‘902’.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Select ‘AbsoluteCableTV’ as your TV provider when registering and when logging onto to individual networks.

It is best to have your current Huxley Communications billing statement in hand before starting the registration process. It’s quick, easy and FREE as a Huxley Communications subscriber.

Register Today For Free!

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