We are sorry you are having problems with your internet service. We pride ourselves on offering dependable and reliable internet service for when you need it, but sometimes equipment or wiring fails. Here are some helpful tips to figure out the problems you are experiencing with your internet service and to help us restore you service as quickly as possible.

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Your computer will not boot up (turn on)

Make sure the monitor is turned on.

Check all the connections – to the computer, from the computer to the power strip, and from the power strip to the outlet – and press firmly into place. Sometimes even a slight bump to a component can break a connection.

Plug something else (like a lamp) into the electrical outlet to see if the outlet has gone bad.


You’ve lost your Internet connection

Check to see if the phone or Ethernet cord is firmly plugged in and connected.

If your Internet service is through a phone line, check the function of that line by plugging in a phone and seeing if there’s a dial tone. Call for line service if you don’t hear one.

Wait a few minutes and try again. Sometimes this is a temporary problem. Also, try restarting your computer.

If none of these troubleshooting tips restore your service, call Internet Tech Support at 515-597-HELP (4357).

Your screen has frozen up

Try a warm boot, which means restarting the computer without fully shutting it down first. A warm boot can be accomplished by pressing the CTRL – ALT – DEL keys simultaneously, or by selecting the restart command from an operating system menu.

If a warm boot doesn’t work, a cold boot is the next step. This means you turn the power off on your computer, and then back on again. A cold boot forces the computer to turn off without shutting down applications one by one, so you may lose unsaved data. But hopefully, you’ll at least be able to restart your computer.