City of Madrid Pre-Registration

City of Madrid Pre-Registration
Construction of the fiber optic network has been completed in the city of Madrid.

Huxley Communications is still accepting sign-ups for fiber optic service in Madrid for a drop construction fee, which is now $100.00.

To receive fiber optic services from Huxley Communications, please complete this sign-up form. Construction crews will return to your address as soon as possible.

If you are a business customer, please click HERE to fill out a business request for service.

We understand you are interested in installing fiber optic service to your home, but may not be ready to sign-up for specific services at this time. Please complete and submit the following form and pay a $100.00 drop construction fee. This will grant us permission to install facilities to your home. Once construction is complete, you may return to this page at any future time to sign-up for services.  Additional standard installation fees will apply.